ISIS Finance Minister killed in a US airstrike late November, US Officials

DAMASCUS: ISIS’s finance chief has been killed in a coalition airstrike, it has been announced. U.S. officials confirmed that Abu Saleh, who was ‘one of the most senior and experienced members’ of the group’s financial network, was killed in late November. The recent strikes were conducted against three leaders in ISIS’s ‘financial and leadership network’ in Iraq . ‘Their removal will degrade ISIL’s ability to command and control troops and it disrupts their ability to finance their efforts’, tweeted the spokesman for Operation Inherent Resolve – the U.S. military operation against ISIS . The U.S. military spokesman Colonel Steve Warren confirmed the death in a video-conference from Baghdad. Brett McGurk, the U.S. government’s envoy for the fight against ISIS , said on Twitter that Abu Saleh was killed along with two associates ‘as part of a coalition campaign to destroy ISIL’s [sic] financial infrastructure’. He described him as the group’s ‘finance minister’. The jihadi's real name was Muafaq Mustafa Mohammed al-Karmoush.(Daily Mail)