Indian Police arrests 16 University students for organising Beef Festival

NEW DELHI: Following DCF’s plans to go ahead with the beef festival , the atmosphere on university campus remained tense for the second day. The police has arrested more than 16 members of the DCF after 8 pm on Wednesday and made several more preventive arrests on early Thursday too. With a series of preventive arrests of several of the DCF members since late Wednesday, none of the organisers of beef and pork festival s could reach the Arts College building, where the events were planned to be held. The C Hostel and NRS hostels remained surrounded by police leaving students with no option but to stay inside for the entire day. The university authorities have allegedly disconnected electricity, internet and water supply to NRS hostel and C Hostel where research scholars are accommodated. “The mess facility for these two hostels was also shut,” David, a research scholar and member of DCF alleged.(Indian Express)

New Delhi