Why Imran Khan has appointed Chaudhry Sarwar as Governor Punjab?

Why Imran Khan has appointed Chaudhry Sarwar as Governor Punjab?

LAHORE - Why Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) Chief Imran Khan has appointed Senator Chaudhry Sarwar as the new governor of Punjab?

Imran Khan has appointed Chaudhry Sarwar as Punjab governor to politically `handle’ the PML-N in its stronghold.

Besides performing his constitutional duties as governor, sources in the party say, Mr Sarwar may be guiding the chief minister, if he or she happens to be a young candidate – as hinted by party chairman Imran Khan .

“Chaudhry Sarwar will be a politically active governor besides vigorously pursuing his passion to promote education and provide clean drinking water to the masses across the province,” a senior party leader said.

Sources say Mr Sarwar is the only leader who can give tough time to the PML-N in Punjab, which would be focusing its politics in the province. Former slain Governor Salman Taseer had also played an active role during his tenure and the PPP seemed strong in Punjab.

Mr Sarwar was recently elected a senator from Punjab and steered the party to get stronger in Punjab. He had resigned from Punjab governor office under the PML-N rule in January 2015 and immediately joined the PTI.

In the Senate election from Punjab in March this year, Mr Sarwar had pulled a surprise by snatching a Senate general seat with a majority first priority vote in the Punjab Assembly despite being short of the required number – when PML-N was ruling full throttle in centre and Punjab. He topped the seven candidates’ list on general seats with 44 first priority votes, while his party had 30 members in the assembly. Some 20 women MPAs of PML-N had voted for him.

Mr Sarwar is also considered having good ties with the Gujrat’s Chaudhry family as he had bagged PML-Q votes for his election as Senator.

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