Models hit the runway in Afghanistan Fashion Show

Models hit the runway in Afghanistan Fashion Show

KABUL - *Mazar-e-Sharif was treated to a touch of glamour on Tuesday night when Haqiqi designers held a fashion show to mark the opening of their new store in the Balkh city.*

Showcasing traditional clothes, from different ethnic groups, models, both male and female, took to the runway in their colorful outfits, TOLO News has reported.

The fashion show was held in a city park and attended by an assortment of local residents, including artists, writers, and civil society activists.

Ajmal Haqiqi, who organized the event, said: “The world has a grim picture of Afghanistan, a picture of war, violence, Taliban, Daesh, suicide attacks and explosions. We want to prove that we have a history of 5,000 years.”

In line with this, Haqiqi’s designs included traditional menswear such as the chapan and shawls, as well as women’s clothing.

Haqiqi said it had been his aim to bring families to the event – including children.