Lahori groom wears gold shoes on his wedding

Lahori groom wears gold shoes on his wedding

LAHORE - They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend but a Lahori groom has recently proved that gold might be a guy’s thing, after he spent over Rs 2.5 million rupees over accessories that he wore along with his wedding outfit.

In Pakistani marriages, gold jewelry and accessories are usually used for embellishing the brides on their wedding day. However, a groom from Lahore, Hafiz Salman Shahid, kind of take his wife’s thunder by wearing gold from head to toe quite literally.

Local media reported that this newlywed groom Salman dressed in an outfit worth Rs. 2.5 million on his valima day, with shoes made of 32 tola of gold that cost Rs 1.7 million and a 10 tola gold tie worth half a million.

To accompany his golden accessories, the Lahore business man wore a suit worth 63,000 rupees that had a crystals and jewels embodied on it.

A #Pakistani #Desi #Groom based in #ValenciaTown #Lahore, #HafizSalmanShahid wore a #Valima #outfit worth Rs. 25 lakhs. His #suit cost, Rs. 63,000; his shoes with 32 tolas of #gold cost Rs. 17 lakhs & his #tie with 10 tolas #gold cost Rs. 5 lakhs with the #crystal embellishments on his #outfit worth Rs. 16,000! <link>

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Not for his own protection but more for his jewelry’s safety, Hafiz was accompanied by security guards.