Defence counsel wasting court time: NAB prosecutor

Defence counsel wasting court time: NAB prosecutor

ISLAMABAD:National Accountability Bureau (NAB) Prosecutor Sardar Muzaffar Abbasi Tuesday accused Khawaja Harris, Counsel for the Sharif family, of wasting the court's time by asking unnecessary questions from JIT head Wajid Zia.

During the cross-examination of the Joint Investigation Team (JIT) head in the Accountability Court here, the NAB prosecutor interrupted the defence counsel, saying that he had been asking questions about the documents of Capital FZE company for the last three days though former prime minister himself had already admitted about his foreign 'Iqama' (residential permit).

Khawaja Harris, however, adopted the stance that the prosecution had submitted the documents as evidence with the court and it was his right to ask questions about them. His client had never denied of having an 'Iqama' and chairmanship of Capital FZE, he said, adding if the documents were irrelevant then the same should be removed from the case record.

Accountability Court Judge Muhammad Bashir asked the defence counsel to shorten his cross-examination.

To a question, Wajid Zia stated that in the source documents of Capital FZE company, its owner, director, secretary and signatory were mentioned. The JIT had not got verified the documents, he added.

He said the salary details of Nawaz Sharif under 'Iqama' were not mentioned in the contract documents and certificates.

Zia said the JIT did not probe the matter of the UAE government's wage protection system (WPS). They did not even know how the WPS works, he added.

He informed the court that no witness told the team during the investigation that former prime minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif was the guardian of his children in business affairs.

The hearing was adjourned till Wednesday.

Nawaz Sharif, his daughter Maryam Nawaz and son-in-law Captain (Retd) Muhammad Safdar were present in the court. APP/AFP