Without Pakistan help Peace in Afghanistan is a dream 

Without Pakistan help Peace in Afghanistan is a dream 

RAWALPINDI: Without Pakistan help Peace in Afghanistan is a dream.

Has US finally realised that peace in Afghanistan cannot be achieved without the support of Pakistan.

US Special representative on Pakistan and Afghanistan Richard Olson met with Chief of Army Staff General Raheel Sharif in GHQ today.

Olson has requested COAS to use his influence over Afghan Taliban to bring them to Negotiations.

US Commander of International Security assistance Force ISAF General John Nicholson has also testified before the Senate Armed Services Committee that Afghan Forces losses in 2015 at the hands of Afghan Taliban have tremendously risen after the withdrawal of the NATO and ISAF forces from Afghanistan at the end of the year 2014.


The US Resolute Support residual force of 9800 is there in Afghanistan to train the Afghan National Army and is not actively participating in the fight against Taliban.


The Quadrilateral Contact Group (QCG) successive meetings have also been unable to bring Taliban on negotiations table for peace in Afghanistan.


On the other hand Afghan Taliban have subdued their internal differences to a large extent and recent elevation of the Mullah Muhammad Yakub, son of Mullah Muhammad Umer as the head of the military wing in 15 provinces of Afghanistan has further strengthened the Afghan Taliban movement.


Afghan Taliban have also announced to launch their spring offensive which is usually launched in month of April.


Will Afghan National Army be able to with stand the fresh on slaught of the less divided Taliban as previously Afghan Taliban have successfuly attacked the Northern city of Kunduz and southern city of Helmand.


United States has finaly realised that if Taliban movement could not be crushed in last 14 years with presence of over 132,000 strong US Army then it won't be possible for Afghan National Army which itself is passing through desertions, defections and other such issues.


US needs Pakistan to bring stability and peace in Pakistan.


Probably this might be the reason that India which has pledged almost $2 billion in Afghanistan reconstruction process has been kept out of the QCG meetings.


The question arises that whether Afghan Government and elements of establishment are also on board in this decision.


US authorities also need to realise that other than asking Pakistan they also need to bring the establishments of the two neighbouring countries closer together and remove the misunderstandings between the two sides for long lasting peace in Afghanistan.


Pakistan has long realised this fact and the ISI-NDS intelligence sharing pact was the first step in the right direction of peace which unfortunately could not see the light of day because of the presence of few pro India elements in Afghanistan National Army and the National Directorate of Security (NDS).