US urges Pakistan to use influence over Taliban for Peace Talks

KABUL: US special representative to Afghanistan and Pakistan Richard Olson urged Pakistan to use influence over Taliban for peace talks.


He said “Pakistan has been a very god partner on peace process issues. We encourage Pakistan to use its power and influence to help bring Taliban to the table [of negotiations].


“I think Pakistan is critical to the peace process and we commend the approach that both the government of Afghanistan and government of Pakistan have taken to come together on peace issues,” he added.


Olson claimed that US wants peace in the region and supports such efforts.


He claimed that all the members of Quadrilateral Contact Group agreed for peace talks but Taliban refused the proposal.


Members of QCG struggled for peace in the region and the effort also succeeded but later Taliban attached the negotiations with their pre-conditions.


Taliban claimed for the immediate release of detained Talibans and removal of their names from blacklist.


Afghan government is suffering from Taliban attacks as they have booster their campaign after the NATO’s combat mission ended in 2014.