US supplies weapon to ISIS in Iraq

BAGHDAD: Iraq’s military personnel and policemen claimed that US allegedly supplies weapons to ISIS in Iraq.


They claimed that they have seen a US plane dropped weapons and ammunition for ISIS in Hadisah Island district of the Anbar province.


Police officials claimed that US plane also jammed their radars and communication equipment on the spot.


One of the policemen said “There is an American aircraft seen at 4am in the morning on Friday over the Hadisah Island district of Anbar province, delivering weapons and ammunitions to Daesh criminals.”


“The plane proceeded to jam radar devices of the police regiment stationed in Hadisah Island to prevent contact between the affiliates and the headquarters of the regiment,” he added.


Policemen claimed that Daesh militants transferred the weapons to their base in a military vehicle.


US Secretary of State John Kerry also arrived in Baghdad on his unannounced visit on Friday.