US Navy officer arrested over alleged spying for China 

WASHINGTON: US Navy officer Lt. Cmdr. Edward Lin arrested over alleged spying for China.


Taiwan born Lin was arrested from airport when he is about to flee from US without informing his Department.


Lin was accused of passing confidential information to China and arrested under espionage and other charges.


Lin is a signals intelligence specialist and has served on Navy’s most sensitive intelligence gathering aircraft.


Lin was fourteen years old when his parents migrated to US for a better future.

FBI and NCIS are investigating the case.


US officials claimed that Lin committed that he  communicated secret information twice and three times attempted to do so.


US official claimed that the exact country is not identified yet but it could be China and Taiwan.


The last case of same kind was the case of John Anthony Walker a Naval communication specialist official who spied for Soviet Union in 1980s.


He delivered information to Soviet Union from 1967 to 1985 and later died in prison in 2014.