MQM leader Muhammad Raza and other joins Pak Sar Zameen Party


KARACHI: Mustafa Kamal succeeded to take another wicket of MQM as leader Muhammad Raza and others joined Mustafa Kamal’s party Pak Sar Zameen here at today (Monday).


While addressing a press conference here at the residence of Mustafa Kamal, MQM leader Muhammad Raza, former chairman of PMSO Waheed ul Zama and other announced to join Mustafa Kamal.


Muhammad Raza said that he was living in London for last 16 years peacefully but after hearing the truth of Kamal he decided to come back in Pakistan to become the part of its ideology.


He further added that each and every word of Kamal is based on truth because he had witnessed a lot of things in London when he went to London in 1998 and remained silent.


Speaking at the occasion, former chairman APMS Waheed ul Zama revealed that workers of APMS were to be used for illegal activities in Karachi while we have become international accused due to Quaid Altaf Hussain.


He further stated that we joined movement for the struggle of the poor people of Karachi but we have become agent of RAW. “We do not want destination we need leader” it is the slogan of MQM now we need stable and peaceful Pakistan instead of leader. Waheed added.


Speaking at the occasion, Mustafa Kamal welcomed Muhammad Raza and other leaders to join his party saying that Muhammad Raza was such a senior party worker and sector in-charge of MQM but he was also not satisfied with his leadership.


Mustafa alleged that Nadeem Nusrat and Altaf Hussain were involved in the murder of 10 thousand people in Karachi.