Iran will not roll back it's Ballistic Missile Programme: FO

TEHRAN: Iranian Foreign Office claimed that Iran will not roll back its Ballistic Missile Programme and US knows it well.


Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javed Zarif rejected Kerry’s call of negotiations about Iran’s missile capability.


Zarif said “Secretary Kerry and the US State Department know well that Iran’s missile and defence capabilities are not open to negotiation.”


Zarif’s remarks came after the remarks of Kerry who said that Iran is destabilizing the region and offered to negotiate Iran’s missile programme with talks.


Zarif claimed that if US truly wants peace and stability in the region then it should stop its weapons supply in the region which are mostly used to kill innocent people.


Zarif said “Unfortunately, today the Iraqi people and all those in Syria, the region and the whole world are experiencing the consequences of aggressive and dangerous policies the United States followed during the presidency of George W. Bush.”


Zarif was speaking with media during a joint press conference with his Estonian counterpart who visited Iran for the first time after the lifting of sanctions in January.