106 people killed in a massive fire explosion at Puttingal Temple

NEW DELHI: At least 106 people killed and more than 400 injured in a fire explosion at Puttingal temple in Kerala, India.


The explosion was too heavy that the entire building collapsed resulting in several casualties.


As per report, the incident occurred due to unauthorized display of fireworks during the annual festival of the temple in which thousands of people participated.


Police claimed that sparks of the crackers fell on the store room of fireworks by mischief that led to explode.


Police claimed that dead bodies were charred which will be recognized only through DNA tests.


Dead bodies and injured people were transferred to the nearest hospital and authorities started probing.


Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited wounded people in hospital and called it a “heart rending” and “shocking” incident.


He also announced a compensation of Rs.2 lakh for the families who lost their loved ones and 50,000 for each of the injured.


Police detained 5 workers of Puttingal temple for questioning about the incident.


Kollam Police official said “Five workers have been detained for questioning.”


“These are not formal arrests. Once they are questioned, only then we will be able to know their involvement and take further steps.”