US Commander in Afghanistan makes important announcement

US Commander in Afghanistan makes important announcement

KABUL - The US and NATO forces commander Gen. Scott Miller in Afghanistan makes important announcement over military operations.

He has announced to enhance the counter terrorism operations in Afghanistan to secure the country.

He visited the southern province of Kandahar with the Senior Civilian Representative of the alliance, Nicholas Kay, said they had “good meeting” with provincial leadership on their continued commitment to the Afghan security forces.

Gen. Miller said they will continue operations “to secure the Afghan people”.

“We are all committed to peace. We are committed to peace because we know that’s the will of the Afghan people,” Gen. Miller said. “As we work towards a peaceful outcome for Afghanistan , at the same time, we know that there are operations we conducted to secure the Afghan people and we will continue with those operations.”

Mr. Kay said they will stand with the Afghan forces so that Afghanistan’s territory is never again used for international terrorism

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