Tayyip Erdogan offers mediation between Pakistan-Afghanistan

Tayyip Erdogan offers mediation between Pakistan-Afghanistan

Afghanistan President Ashraf Ghani met with his Turkish counterpart Rajab Tayeb Erdogan on the sidelines of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) summit in Astana in Kazakhstan on Sunday, the presidential palace said in a statement. 

At this meeting, Ghani and Erdogan talked on the expansions of Afghanistan-Turkey relations and pledged to continue mutual cooperation.

Erdogan said Turkey has long, historic relations with Afghanistan and it supports the new US strategy on Afghanistan. He also said Turkey is ready to cooperate with Afghanistan in any field, read the statement. 

Turkey’s president also expressed his country’s readiness to help improve relations between Afghanistan and Pakistan and said his country supports the Afghan-led and Afghan-owned peace process. 

Ghani in turn thanked Erdogan and Turkey for its cooperation with Afghanistan, especially with the peace process but emphasized the need for continued good relations, read the statement.

Ghani also touched on the new US strategy on Afghanistan with Erdogan and said the strategy is a comprehensive strategy and is quite clear. Ghani said the regional countries should use the opportunity that the new US strategy has provided, the statement read. 

According to the statement, Ghani said Afghanistan wants to have good relations with its neighbors and that the country is ready to hold talks with Pakistan. Ghani said there was a need for a change in the current situation and said regional countries must work towards peace and stability. 

Commenting on terrorism, Ghani said the phenomenon was a dangerous threat to the region and the world and said all the countries must work together to overcome extremism, read the statement.