Anchor Amir Liaqat arrested in Myanmar

Anchor Amir Liaqat arrested in Myanmar

ISLAMABAD: Anchor Amir Liaquat has been arrested in Myanmar by the immigration authorities, Bol News reported on Saturday.

In his conversation with the TV channel before his abrupt detention, it was reported that authorities were questioning Amir in context of his tweets and TV shows.

It is also pertinent to mention that Dr Liaquat was making a video message of his own when the immigration authorities got hold of him. No one has heard of him since then.

Earlier, it was reported Amir Liaquat along with Waqar Zaka had reached Myanmar. Both of the celebrities set off for Myanmar in what they called an attempt to help the persecuted community.

The world has taken the Burmese government to task over the plight of Rohingya Muslims. The stories of their immense persecution have been brought to light by various news outlets. The Rohingya exodus to Bangladesh has crossed the figure of 300,000. 

Around 1,000 people have been feared dead in the crisis. Muslim villages in Burma’s Rakhine state were burned to the ground as hundreds of thousands fled.