Russia blames US for delay in Syria ceasefire plan

Russia blames US for delay in Syria ceasefire plan

GENEVA (APP) - Russia's Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov urged reporters waiting for the end of talks on the Syrian crisis to be patient Friday and said US officials were checking back with Washington.

Separately, senior US official confirmed Secretary of State John Kerry was in talks with his government on the results of efforts to strike a deal with Russia to agree a ceasefire Syria.

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Moscow's envoy appeared briefly in a Geneva hotel ballroom room set aside for a news conference to mark the end of talks with Kerry but did not mount the podium that had been prepared.

Instead, in a brief chat with reporters, he said in English: "I believe it is important for them to check with Washington. That's why I apologise for the delay. We cannot help it.

"It's going to be announced very soon I think. I hope before Washington goes to sleep, we can get some news. My appeal to you is to be patient. Same as me," he added.

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The United Nations envoy to the Syrian conflict also briefly entered the room to appeal for patience, but there was no sign of Kerry, who had earlier met with both Lavrov and De Mistura.

Both Kerry and Lavrov had been expected to fly home later Friday, but all three officials said they still hoped to hold a news conference to announce the results of the negotiation.