International Kashmir digital campaign launched

International Kashmir digital campaign launched

ISLAMABAD - In occupied Kashmir, the sufferings of the people continue on the 67th consecutive day today due to military lockdown and communications blackout.

The huge presence of Indian troops has made the life of Kashmiri people a hell. The internet and mobile phone connectivity continues to remain completely suspended adding to the miseries of the besieged people.

The publication of newspapers has also been hampered as they fail to update their online editions while journalists are unable to report from the ground as the territory remains virtually cut off from the outside world.

Business and educational activities are suspended and transport is off the road.

Meanwhile, people associated with tourism industry say that the authorities’ decision to lift travel advisory has failed to attract tourists amid the ongoing suspension of internet and mobile phone services.

They say the announcement is on one hand a ploy to hoodwink the international community and on the other hand is meant to facilitate the entry of RSS goons in the gab of tourists to the territory to carry out bloodbath of Kashmiris.

In Glasgow, Tehreek-e-Kashmir Scotland and Scottish Human Rights Forum, today, jointly launched the ‘Kashmir Digital Campaign’ to express solidarity with the people of occupied Kashmir facing unprecedented clampdown since 5th August. Tehreek-e-Kashmir Scotland President Hanif Raja while inaugurating the campaign, said the drive is meant to expose the violent and brutal image of India before the world.