Pakistan Maritime Security Agency seizes huge narcotics cache form international sea route

Pakistan Maritime Security Agency seizes huge narcotics cache form international sea route

KARACHI: (APP) Director General, Pakistan Maritime Security Agency Rear Admiral Jamil Akhtar said the PMSA had seized a huge quantity of narcotics from international sea routes.

Pakistan Maritime Security Agency performance to be enhanced

Addressing a press conference here Monday, he said PMSA had credible information that a large quantity of narcotics would be smuggled from international sea routes. Based on this information, PMSA deployed its ships and fast response boats at Western Maritime Region. The PMSA Fast Response Boats chased two suspicious speed boats near Western International Maritime Boundary Line.

The DG further added that one boat escaped with smugglers taking advantage of darkness. The officials during boarding of second boat recovered one ton narcotics having international market value of 600 Million (PKR).

He said it was a joint operation of PMSA and Customs Gwadar Collectorate. The narcotics had been handed over to Pakistan Customs MCC, Gwadar Collectorate for further legal proceedings.

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Akhtar said Pakistan had a coastline of more than 1000 Km extending from Sir Creek in the East till Jiwani to the West.

He stated that Pakistan Maritime Security Agency area of responsibility extends till 350 Nautical Miles in the sea which makes approximately 290,000 Square Kilometers. PMSA had a fleet of Ships, Fast Response Boats and Aircrafts for surveillance of this large area. In addition PMSA also had coastal bases at various locations, he added.

Pakistan Maritime Security Agency services lauded

The DG informed the newsmen that to enhance capability, PMSA was procuring eight new ships which would become part of operational fleet very soon. Moreover, efforts were in hand to procure helicopters and Fixed Wing aircrafts also.

In response to the questions of journalists, he said our maritime personnel were ready to cope with any kind of challenge.