PM lays foundation stone of Shelter home in Lahore today

PM lays foundation stone of Shelter home in Lahore today

 Prime Minister Imran Khan Saturday will lay foundation stone of a shelter project in Lahore today for the down-and-out segments of society who spend nights on the streets under the open sky. 

 A number of homeless people usually spend nights on footpaths or other places without roof over their heads in different areas of Lahore city. 

These people also require the basic needs of life including availability of facilities like washing clothes and staying safe at night, besides accessibility to the first aid. 

The project would address certain issues like restoration of self-respect of the shelter less people, meeting their requirements at these abodes, reducing the risks besides, expanding periphery of the social responsibilities of the state and citizens.

 The building would be based upon state of the art design with simplicity to improve its utility, besides availability of separate facilities to ensure best usage of the place. 

 It will also include construction of multi-purpose halls for imparting training and holding of public awareness programmes on vital social objectives.