Nothing is impossible for Pakistanis: PM

Nothing is impossible for Pakistanis: PM

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan said Pakistanis could transform into the nation as dreamed by the forefathers, by believing nothing was impossible for them.

“On Iqbal Day, I want to give my Pakistanis a message that for us nothing is impossible. Allah has bestowed us a

country rich in everything. This was dreamed by Allama Iqbal. Quaid-e-Azam was our political leader…we have to develop this country as it should be. For this, we should believe that nothing is impossible. This nation can become great and by the grace of Allah, we will be so,”the prime minister remarked in a video message to the nation on the occasion of Allama Iqbal’s birth anniversary.

The prime minister explained the characteristics of Allama Iqbal’s ‘Shaheen’ embodied a human being free from intellectual thralldom, fear and ego, achieving distinction among all other humans.

He explained that Iqbal’s Shaheen also depicted the people who got excellence during the time of Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) by defeating the great powers of that time and established a state that had dominated the world.

The prime minister said such people had achieved that stature just because they had broadened their thinking, set aside their ego, thought of other humans and broke the shackles of fear.

He said Edmund Hillary, the first mountaineer to scale the world’s highest peak the Mount Everest achieved that distinction because he had rid himself of intellectual boundaries.

He said the passion and ambition could lead the humans to turn every impossible into possibile and make him continue to achieve milestones one after the other.

The prime minister said Allah Almighty had bestowed the humans with the powers to make elevations and make historic achievements following the footprints of the companions of Holy Prophet (PBUH).