World’s fastest bullet train starts test run

World’s fastest bullet train starts test run

TOKYO – World’s fastest bullet train started its test run in Japan to revolutionize the mode of transport. It is fastest ever train which capable of reaching 400km/h (249mph).

Earlier today, ALFA-X version of the Shinkansen- network of high-speed railway lines in Japan- started its test run today which is believed to worth three years of it.

Rail Company JR East plans to operate it at the speed of 360km/h when it starts its service somewhere around 2030, easily making it the fastest bullet ever.

Alfa-X is to be 10 km/h faster than the Fuxing Hao which is designed with same top speed features.

To cope with massive wind resistance when entering tunnels, the Alfa-X’s first car will mostly be a sleek nose, measuring 22 meters (72 feet). With just three windows, there looks to be hardly any space, if at all, for passengers in the front.

Painted in metallic silver with green stripes, the 10-car bullet train begins test runs Friday between the cities of Aomori and Sendai at night, to be conducted over three years.

Alfa-X will be tested on the tracks between Sendai and Aomori which are 280kms away.

The test runs are expected to take place twice a week after midnight.