PTI expels 2 MPAs for ‘selling’ Senate votes

PTI expels 2 MPAs for ‘selling’ Senate votes

ISLAMABAD:The PTI has expelled its two lawmakers who the party claims had sold their votes in the Senate elections.

According to details, Ubaid Mayar and Zahid Durrani have been expelled from the party.

Eight other MPAs─Yaseen Khalil, Qurban Ali, Zia Afridi, Amjad Afridi, Nargis Bibi, Dina Naz, Nagina Khan and Naseem Hayat─ are also under radar and their fate would be decided after two days.

On April 18, Imran Khan had revealed the names of 20 MPAs who had sold their votes in the senate elections.

Khan said that Pakistan must go for direct Senate’s elections to stop corruption in the voting process.

“All the lawmakers will be sacked from the party and their names will be forwarded to National Accountability Bureau if they fail to respond,” Khan had promised.

Amjad Afridi told SAMAA that he had been expelled from the PTI by Shah Mehmood Qureshi before the Senate elections and he was free to vote for anyone he wanted.

“Imran Khan is actually Ilzaam Khan,” he said. APP/AFP

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