Pakistan takes bold stance against US over Iran Nuclear deal

Pakistan takes bold stance against US over Iran Nuclear deal

ISLAMABAD - The Foreign Office (FO) on Wednesday took a firm and bold stance over the issue of US withdrawal from the Iran Nuclear deal.

FO expressed serious concern on the United States' (US) withdrawal from the so-called Iran deal, saying that the decision will affect the world community's efforts to solve the "conflict" with Iran.

In a media statement, the FO said that the US withdrawal from Iran deal would weaken the dialogue process that was meant to find a solution to the conflict.

Still, Pakistan hopes that the remaining five signatories — Britain, France, Germany, China and Russia — will work out a way to ensure that the deal is upheld, the FO said.

The FO also reiterated its support for the Iran deal — which had limited Iran’s nuclear programme so that the latter could not produce a bomb, in return for the lifting of most of the US and international sanctions against it.

On Tuesday, US President Donald Trump had announced that the country was withdrawing from the 2015 deal and will impose “the highest level” of economic sanctions on Tehran in order to stop Iran's so-called efforts to make nuclear weapons.

Last week, Britain, France and Germany had urged the Trump administration not to revoke the deal, arguing that the agreement was the best way of stopping Tehran from acquiring nuclear weapons.

President Trump ignored the advice.

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