Either give evidence or go home in 24 hours, Nawaz Sharif threatens NAB Chief

Either give evidence or go home in 24 hours, Nawaz Sharif threatens NAB Chief

ISLAMABAD – Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) supreme leader Nawaz Sharif has hit out hard against the NAB Chief over the issue of $4.9 alleged money laundering case against him.

He has asked chairman National Accountability Bureau (NAB) to present evidence in the money laundering allegations against him in 24 hours or tender resignation.

Speaking at a press conference, Nawaz presented his concerns over NAB’s press release issued on May 8. He asserted that NAB chairman has made the former premier’s character assassination and media trial his mission.

“I have pointed towards the biased attitude of NAB several times. Chairman NAB’s press release confirmed my statements. The report of World Bank was made foundation of the case while distorting the facts,” he asserted.

“A three-time prime minister has been accused of transferring $4.9bn to Indian exchequer and committed money laundering. The nature of the allegation is serious and shameful. Ignoring it means to risk the democratic system,” said Nawaz.

“It is being said that this amount damaged the national foreign exchange reserves and strengthened Indian ones. Such allegations are unacceptable. The institution established in the name of accountability has become a body of accusations against me,” maintained Nawaz.

The PML-N supreme leader went on to say that the NAB references filed against him are also based on media’s survey report