To punish Kashmiris, India has launched economic war in Occupied Kashmir

To punish Kashmiris, India has launched economic war in Occupied Kashmir

MIRPUR - The Indian Occupied Jammu & Kashmir Socio Economic Coordination Committee (JKSECC) on Saturday expressed serious concern on the undeclared economic war against Kashmiris as a result of which economic activities in the Indian occupied Kashmir (IoK) had come to a standstill.

The JKSECC is an amalgam of various trade, industrial, travel, tour, tourism, horticulture, educational, contractors, pharmaceutical, houseboat, bakers, transport and other civil society formations based in IoK.

According to a report reaching here from across the Line of Control, a meeting of the amalgam was held in occupied Srinagar in the backdrop of large scale tourist cancellations, frequent closure of the highway and harassment of Kashmiri traders across outside states all of which have badly impacted various industrial and service sector activities in the bleeding valley, according to the report.

The representatives of prominent tour and travel associations informed the meeting that almost 90% cancellations had taken place. The tourists, who had booked their packages to the troubled valley in next three months, had cancelled their visits.

They revealed that the major tour operators in various states, besides the prominent anti Kashmir politicians, had launched a rigorous negative campaign advising tourists to visit destinations other than those in the held valley.

The representatives of major hotel and houseboat associations confirmed in the meeting that more than 90% room bookings in valley hotels and houseboats till May 2019 had been cancelled where 10% were in pipeline.

JKSECC, the report continued, strongly condemned the violent attacks and harassment of small Kashmiri traders in various Indian states by fanatic Hindus / hooligans forcing them to return back to the valley. Many of those traders had returned without realization of huge payments receivable from their customers in these Indian states.

The members of JKSECC observed on this occasion that cancellation of tourist travel as also the harassment of traders was part of the large scale campaign against Kashmiris.

The members said only a handful of incidents out of thousands of cases of beating and harassment of students, traders and others were reported in the media like recent the most incident in Lucknow after which FIR against “unknown” perpetrators was lodged under very mild and bail-able provisions of law only for an eyewash.

It is pertinent to mention that all these incidents gained momentum after some speakers in January this year at a so called conclave on trifurcation organized in Hindu-majority occupied Jammu city openly advocated for creating fear psychosis among Kashmiri Muslims in various Indian states.

“Ironically no action was taken by the puppet-Governor administration of the held state against any of these perpetrators of hate in our own state”, regretted the members.

The road blockade of highways in the occupied state during the current winter has been unprecedented in past seven decades, observed the members of JKSECC. There has hardly been any smooth traffic movement during whole of the winter which has tremendously impacted the industrial and other economic activities in the valley, stated the members, according to the report.

JKSECC demanded of the state “government” to feel obliged to come clean on the three-pronged economic war aimed at crushing the people of valley economically. The amalgam in consultation with all stakeholders will devise a strategy to counter, what they declared, these mean anti Kashmir plans, the report concluded.