24 Afghan Army soldiers killed by Taliban in fresh attack on military posts

24 Afghan Army soldiers killed by Taliban in fresh attack on military posts

KABUL - *24 Afghan defense and security forces including 10 commandos or special operation forces were killed after militants attacked their outposts in the western Farah province , said local officials.*

Farid Bakhtawar, the provincial council chief told Ariana News that the attack was carried out by militants against Afghan forces overnight in Farahroad area of Balabuluk district.

According to him, 10 Afghan special operation forces and eight policemen were killed in the attack and three others have been abducted by the militants.

Meanwhile, six other policemen have been reportedly killed by Taliban in the capital city of the province.

While the Ministry of Interior did’t comment regarding these casualties but the Ministry of Defense confirmed the dead of four soldiers in the province.

However officials of Afghan Special Forces Unit confirmed that 10 commandos lost their lives in recent Taliban ambush and four commandos killed two days ago in Taliban attacks.

The Special Forces Unit further noted that as the aerial support and reinforcement were not made on time the commandos suffered such high fatalities.

Some members of Farah’s provincial council see poor military leadership as the main motive of such huge looses among Afghan security and defense forces.

Farah, in the western part of the country, has witnessed a surge of militants in recent months and local security forces have repeatedly asked for deployment of more security and defense forces to the province.

Around 20 security forces were also killed in a Taliban attack which was carried out in the same province earlier this month.