IHC summons SSP operations in girls protection case

IHC summons SSP operations in girls protection case

ISLAMABAD-The Islamabad High Court (IHC) Wednesday summoned Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Operations in person in a case seeking protection of two sisters of Lodhran.

Chief Justice Athar Minallah conducted hearing on a case filed by a girl Mulaeka Fatima and her sister. Fatima recently married against the will of her family and approached the court for security along her sister.

During the course of proceeding, Deputy Attorney General Tayyab Shah argued that a medical examination of the girl had been conducted. The court asked the station house officer (SHO) Police Station Shams Calony regarding the progress into the investigation.

The SHO stated that the girl got married on January 20, with her own choice adding that she met the boy through facebook. To this the chief justice asked the SHO regarding the location of Fatima's husband to this the police officer said that he couldn't be located so far as his mobile number was switched off.

The bench expressed displeasure on the statement and remarked that what the police had done so far to locate the boy, whether it contacted anyone in Lodhran.

If the police wanted to work on the direction given by the plaintiffs then they should only rest at their homes, Justice Minallah observed. The SHO said that the girls had been tortured two month back in accordance of her medical report. The chief justice remarked that this case had exposed the performance of capital police and raised serious questions on it.

The court was not expecting the SHO for arriving without conducting investigation, he said, adding that one man was missing while police were tracing him through only his mobile number.    

The court summoned SSP operations Islamabad in person and adjourned hearing of the case.