PM urges people to declare assets under Asset Declaration Scheme by June 30

PM urges people to declare assets under Asset Declaration Scheme by June 30

Prime Minister Imran Khan has once again appealed the nation to fully avail the asset declaration scheme in order to help the country stand on its own feet and lift the people out of poverty.

He said this in a special message broadcast live on Radio Pakistan and Pakistan Television this morning.

Imran Khan said the people can declare their benami assets and accounts under this scheme by 30th of this month.  He said after this time, the people will not get this opportunity again.

The Prime Minister said today the government has the information about benami accounts and assets which has never been before it. We have signed agreements with different countries on the matter. 

Imran Khan recalled that the country's debt reached thirty thousand billion rupees from six thousand billion rupees over the last ten years. The rising debt had a major fall out on the masses as we collect about four thousand billion rupees in taxes, of which half of the amount goes to the debt servicing.  He said the remaining amount is not sufficient to run the affairs of the country.

The Prime Minister said Pakistan is ranked amongst the few most charitable nations but in terms of payment of taxes, we rank far below.  He said this nation has the capacity to generate ten thousand billion rupees in taxes.

The Prime Minister said the country cannot be uplifted unless the people pay their taxes.  He asked the people to pay taxes for a better future of their children.