Pakistan changes visa policy for American Nationals

Pakistan changes visa policy for American Nationals

WASHINGTON - Pakistan has changed visa policy for American Nationals, it has been revealed.

Pakistan has decided to give five-year, multiple-entry visas to US nationals, even though the US government has changed its policy of issuing five-year visas to Pakistani nationals.

In a note sent late last month, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Islamabad, advised Pakistani diplomatic missions in the United States to follow the new policy while issuing visas to American nationals.

The ministry first conveyed this change to the US Embassy in Islamabad on May 10 while responding to a query regarding the duration of visit/tourist visas for US nationals.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs “has the honour to state that the government of Pakistan, in line with its policy to encourage tourism, has allowed granting of multiple-entry visas to US nationals for up to five years with a maximum stay of three months,” the note said.