Israeli Army soldier assaults Palestinian child

Israeli Army soldier assaults Palestinian child

In Palestine a family was treated brutally by an Israeli soldier. There was a video shared on Facebook in which the solider from occupying forces assaulted the innocent child.

He kept on choking the young boy and sat on his back to apply pressure on the neck. The boy’s family pleaded for help but it all went unheard. Finally, the family intervened and tried to rescue to boy.

A girl, who tried to come near and save the boy from the violent arms, was also assaulted as the soldier grabbed her by the neck in an attempt to make her disperse. 

The whole family had to drop in and save the boy. This included a woman who held the soldier’s arm, but was struck hard by him on the face. There were a couple of girls as well who came to rescue of the child.

Many comments on the post denounced occupation of Palestinian areas by Israeli forces. A significant number of social media users questioned the silence and no reaction from the Arab countries against these atrocities.