This Samsung smartphone has five cameras in total

This Samsung smartphone has five cameras in total

ISLAMABAD - Samsung’s upcoming high-end flagship, the Galaxy S10+ is rumored to have a triple-lens camera setup on the back paired with a dual-lens camera setup on the front. Korean publication, The Bell, has released a report <link> stating industry experts who have predicted that the S10+ might have 5 cameras.

Samsung is expected to launch three flagships this year. I’ve covered their rumors extensively and God, Samsung definitely has something big in-store for us! A cheap trim of the phone with a side-fingerprint sensor <link> and now, the high-end trim with 5 cameras!

Personally, I feel like the additional front camera will be utilized to improve facial recognition technology in the S10+. After all, it’s safe to say that Samsung’s current facial recognition isn’t *that *secure <link>. At least not at par with its competitor’s, i.e. Apple’s Face ID.

Staying clear of technical implementations, the dual-lens front camera might just be aimed at improving selfies. Look at the Galaxy A8 <link>, which also sported a dual-lens camera setup. The Galaxy A8’s front-cameras had an aperture of f/1.7, which lead to great images in dim-light conditions. Maybe the S10 Plus’ camera also boasts a similar camera, i.e. with a low aperture.

There have been several rumors going around regarding the Galaxy S10. Some reports have said that the cheap variant of the S10 might borrow design elements from the Galaxy S7. This means that in this time of bezel-less displays, Samsung plans to revert back to flat displays with solid bezels. While this is disappointing in itself, the cheap trim can be vital in ensuring consumer accessibility of the Korean giant’s flagship mobile.