Maryam links London flat ‘attack’ to Imran’s diatribe

Maryam links London flat ‘attack’ to Imran’s diatribe

ISLAMABAD: Former prime minister Nawaz Sharif’s daughter Maryam Nawaz has said that the recent attack on Sharif family’s London residence by a group of protesters is linked to PTI Chairperson Imran Khan’s tirades against the PML-N.

A viral video showed a small group of protesters attempting to break into Nawaz's Avenfield apartments in London. The men were also seen throwing shopping carts at some PML-N workers after Sharif and his family entered the house.

“It seems to be the height of desperation. Someone’s nerves have broken down. The frustration is obvious since all tactics against Nawaz Sharif have failed,” she said while speaking to the media in London.

“The language of Imran Khan and PTI’s TV commercials, their tirades and this recent attack are part of a series. It shows their lack of training,” she said.

About the PML-N workers’ reaction to the arrest of Captain (retd) Safdar in the Avenfield case, Maryam said, “It’s difficult to book thousands of people. They must think of the repercussions before resorting to cruelty.”

She also tweeted a poster of her father with the words “I will not seek pardon” below his picture, apparently referring to Nawaz's 10-year sentence in the Avenfield case.

Maryam was sentenced to seven years in prison while her husband one year.

Party leaders in Pakistan have announced that Nawaz and Maryam will return home on July 13 (Friday). APP/AFP