Instagram launches new interesting feature

Instagram launches new interesting feature

ISLAMABAD - Social networking site Instagram has launched a new interesting feature for its users.

Instagram will now let its users share their content on multiple Instagram accounts in one single tap. The confirmation comes from an Instagram spokesperson who stated that Instagram will soon roll out this feature for better user experience.

Instagram, in recent times, has been bringing a lot of new features for better user experience. The latest feature that the popular social media app has brought is the “self-gram” feature.

This feature allows sharing to multiple Instagram accounts much easier. In simple words, if a user has more than one Instagram account and is logged into several other accounts through the app, an option will now be available to share that post on multiple accounts.

So instead of having to post one image at a time, users will now be able to share their content across different profiles simultaneously.

This feature will save some time for those people who use several Instagram accounts for their promotional images and advertisements.