Indian Actress sexually assaulted by Director in his home


MUMBAI - Yet another Indian Actress has been sexually assaulted by the director of her upcoming film.

Allegation of sexual harassment has been levelled against Bengali director Pavel.

An upcoming actress in the Tollywood film industry has alleged that director Pavel sexually harassed her, reports Zee 24 Ghanta. Pavel who has directed the movie 'Rosogolla' allegedly came from behind and started kissing the actress when she had gone to director's home.

This incident took place around three years ago, said the actress in a facebook post that has gone viral.

According to the actress, she got to know Pavel during audition for the movie 'Rosogolla''. At that time, she was finalised for an important role. So for reading the script, the actress used to go to Pavel's house in South Kolkata.

According to the actress, she was suffering from depression at that time. She would often go to Pavel's house without any makeup, and with unkempt hair and ordinary clothes. The actress believes that from that get-up, Pavel thought that she comes from a poor family.

Recollecting the horror, the actress said that one day, Pavel suddenly came from behind and started kissing. She somehow managed to escape from that situation.

Pavel is married but the director told the victim that he isn't happy and is willing to marry her.

The director on his part has denied all the allegations. According to him, false allegations are being levelled against him before the release of his movie. Pavel said, "If the allegations are from 2016, why are they being said now.

At that time, hardly anyone knew me. So it was much easier to lodge a complaint against me".

The actress, however, claims that she didn't say anything at that time, out of fear.

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