Pakistanis get food news on the Coronavirus vaccine

Pakistanis get food news on the Coronavirus vaccine

The Federal Ministry of National Health Services has announced that Coronavirus Vaccine will be available in March 2021 in Pakistan.

In this regard, Special Assistant for Health Dr. Faisal Sultan while talking to ‘Dunya News’ said that the government has finalized the procedure to prevent coronavirus and to buy vaccine.

Dr. Faisal Sultan said that under the vaccination plan, vaccine will be available in Pakistan in March 2021. He said we are in touch not just one or two countries but with different countries.

He said that government is in touch with all the major vaccine makers. It was very important to allocate money to buy vaccines.

SAPM said that in order to buy vaccine, we will see which the most beneficial vaccine is. Some aspects of vaccine procurement are a bit difficult to decide. The committee will make a final decision on the purchase of the vaccine after considering the views of experts.

The Special Assistant for Health said that the vaccination campaign would be carried out in three phases. The vaccine will be provided on an EPI program basis.