Another Indian conspiracy unveiled against Pakistan

Another Indian conspiracy unveiled against Pakistan

Pakistan army has issued a high-alert to its troops deployed at the eastern border after intelligence agencies intercepted classified information which suggests India is contemplating a surgical strike to divert the world’s attention from the ongoing farmers’ protests, led by Sikh farmers, that has swept across the country.

Sources have it that the BJP-led Hindu nationalist government of Narendra Modi would go to any extent to put an end to the Sikh-led farmers’ protests that could potentially prove to be an impetus to the Khalistan movement, a Sikh separatist movement seeking to create a homeland for Sikhs by establishing a sovereign state, called Khalistan. ------------------------------

As a result, armed forces stationed along the eastern border, in general, and those guarding the LOC and Working Boundary, in particular, have received orders from the military’s top brass to remain high-alert to swiftly dismantle nefarious Indian designs.

Hailing mostly from the “rice bowl” of India- Punjab and Haryana- hundreds of thousands of farmers across India have been on the streets, particularly in New Delhi, for the past two weeks, seeking revocation of three farm laws that were promulgated in September this year.

Yesterday, the Sikh leaders of the protests issued a “Bharat Band” (Shutdown India) call to bring the Indian government to its knees. The farmers’ nationwide shutdown call has been supported by trade unions and opposition parties equally.