Besides Pakistan which is the only Muslim country to pass Parliament resolution against Occupied Kashmir crisis


TEHRAN - A resolution was presented in the parliament of Iran in support of occupied Kashmir .

The resolution was presented by the Majilis-e-Shura Islami member of Iran, Ali Mathari during the ongoing meeting of the Shura.

The Majilis-e-Shura Islami member of Iran, Ali Mathari said that all the Muslim countries including Iran had an important responsibility regarding the oppressed Kashmiri Muslims and the Kashmir dispute.

Ali Mathari said that Iran could not remain dissociated from the fate and destination of Muslim Ummah.

It was said in the memorandum that ending special status of Kashmir was an important matter and the Muslim countries should support the people of Kashmir in this hour of trouble.

He said, firstly, the people of Kashmir are innocent and the India is cruel because India is violating the legal rights of Kashmiris.

Secondly, Ali Mathari said, “Islamic fraternity expects us we don’t disconnect from the fate and destination of other Muslims.” However, he said that it was the United Kingdom, which had not decided Kashmir at the time of division of sub-continent so that dispute continued in the area in the same way it had planted the seed of Palestine in the Middle East so that Muslims could not see the face of peace, prosperity and development.

Ali Mathari further said that Islamic Republic of Iran had a big responsibility regarding the Kashmir dispute. He said that he expected that the foreign policy of the country was based on supporting the oppressed Kashmiris so that they get their rights