Shahid Afridi responds to viral 'naswar' video

Shahid Afridi responds to viral 'naswar' video

ISLAMABAD: Former Pakistan captain Shahid Afridi has rejected the impression that he was stuffing Naswar in his mouth during a ceremony at GHQ, a day after his video went viral on the social media.

According to a report aired by a private news channel today, On September 6, Afridi attended the ceremony and a video of him at the event went viral.

In the video, Afridi could be seen sitting in the audience and covertly tucking what was said to be naswar under his top lip.

However, the all-rounder put the rumors to rest on Saturday.

During a media interaction, Afridi was asked if he was, in fact, chewing 'naswar' during the ceremony.

The cricketer responded saying he was eating fennel seeds and clove.