Reham Khan gets a snub

Reham Khan gets a snub

ISLAMABAD - Reham Khan has got a snub from the top actress Resham.

Resham has termed her a ‘worst example’ for women.

Resham, who has reportedly been mentioned in Reham’s autobiography said, “Reham Khan is the worst example of women and Jemima is the best example.”

Resham continued saying that she was surprised to know that she had been mentioned in Reham’s book and she only found out about it when people sent her screenshots.

She further said that Reham singled out those who had no scandals in the past, including her and Hamza Ali Abbasi.

“Who really knows Reham? No one knows her,” Resham remarked, adding that Reham only put the aforementioned people in her book to attract audiences. “The book is full of lies.”

Concluding her thoughts on the matter, Resham said that she feels sorry for Reham and prays that Allah guides her.

Meanwhile, Resham was full of praises for PM Khan saying that not only is he a star, he is also one of the most respected people in the world, especially in the cricket world.