Civil Military nexus: Pakistan emerges as important player in international arena

Civil Military nexus: Pakistan emerges as important player in international arena

ISLAMABAD - Strategic partnership with China and silently with Russia, Reassured strong ties with Turkey, Iran, Saudi Arabia is bringing Pakistan's important place back in international community.

Softening of stand from Mike Pomeo was also observed.

High level officials are visiting Pakistan from across the world since new government has taken charge.

Pakistan under Pakistan Army Chief General Bajwa and considered nationalists and clean PTI government in Islamabad is giving fresh directions to its foreign policy for formation of new strategic alliance.

Pakistan has been enjoying unprecedented and time tested relations with China since decades. Pakistan is pursuing an effective foreign policy to further boost its relations with brotherly states including China. Recent visit by Chinese Foreign Minister and Saudi information minister to Pakistan gives new impetus to bilateral ties.

The strengthened democracy creates prosperity and political stability. It will also help government to formulate an independent and multifaceted foreign policy.

The visits of high level officials indicate the major role of Pakistan in the region. Pakistan intends to improve its ties with all states on parallel footing without compromising national integrity and sovereignty.

Pakistan- China relations are based on trust and peaceful co-existence.

United States has soft corner for India and aggressive posture towards Pakistan.

The strained Pak-US relations are not something new but the two allies have been witnessing diplomatic tightrope since decades that led Pakistan to develop cordial relations with China and Russia.

China has acknowledged Pakistan's steadfast support on key issues. The suspension of U.S. military aid had further deteriorated the bilateral ties.