WhatsApp launches new feature, picture in picture video calling mode


ISLAMABAD – WhatsApp launched a recent update called picture-in-picture video calling mode which helps users multitask. Its main function is to allow users send messages to other contacts by minimizing the video calling contact.

Although picture-in-picture mode for video calling is only available for users with Android 8.0+ or latest iOS smartphones, it can help people multitask considering how difficult it is to hang up video calls when something urgent comes up. With this feature, if you receive a message on WhatsApp during the video call, you can resize the screen of the video caller to respond to it.

The video of caller can also be dragged to the corner of the mobile screen. Video calling and messaging has been conveniently put together in picture-in-picture mode for video calls on WhatsApp.

The latest update on WhatsApp also includes text status update. Now users can include link previews for URLs in their text-only statuses. The text status which lasts for only 24 hours can be updated from time to time. WhatsApp has adopted the status feature from Snapchat and Facebook. To update the text status, one can tap on the pencil icon on WhatsApp. Also, background and font type can be changed according to choice.