Former PAF Chief badly exposed Indian and Israeli Pilots against PAF Pilots

Former PAF Chief badly exposed Indian and Israeli Pilots against PAF Pilots

ISLAMABAD - Former Pakistan Air Force Chief Sohail Aman has said that the Indian Air Force has neither professional-level planning nor its aviation training is upto the standards.

One of IAF Russian SU-30 fighter jet was hit by a Pakistani pilot within 25 miles of its control area without crossing the Line of Control; war is not the solution to any problem, but we have to be prepared for any kind of aggression.

Prime Minister Imran Khan raised the Kashmir issue well, but now it is essential that Pakistan maintain continuity in these efforts so that the world can focus on human rights violations in Kashmir.

He expressed these views at Pakistan Institute for Conflict and Security Studies roundtable conference While. Responding indirectly to the Indian Air Chief's recent statement that the Indian Air Force is ready for further operations like Balakot style, Sohail Aman said that the issue of Indian Air Force is as weak as a local bully who has a knife in his hand but he does not know how to shoot a knife at an opponent.

In contrast, Pakistani pilots have gained advanced professionalism during the last fifteen years in constant combat and as Pakistani Air Force responded to Indian aggression on February 27, such operations were carried out for the Pak Air Force have become the norm.

Former Air Chief Sohail Aman added that the coordination of Indian forces is also bad. During a counterattack by Pakistan on February 27, they killed their own Mi-17 helicopter in Bokhlahat. In comparison, the coordination between Pakistan's armed forces has improved.

Asked whether the Israeli pilots were involved in the Balakot operation and whether any Israeli pilots were arrested, Sohail Aman avoided giving any direct answer, saying that if Israeli pilots were involved with India, it would mean that their operation and professional capability is also ridiculous.