SikandarAzam conquered world by force, PM Imran Khan won hearts with love

SikandarAzam conquered world by force, PM Imran Khan won hearts with love

ISLAMABAD - Sikandar-e-Azam conquered the world by force but Prime Minister Imran Khan has won the hearts of people with love, Indian politician and former cricketer, Navjot Singh Sidhu said on Saturday while speaking at the opening ceremony of Kartarpur Corridor. He said “Prime Minister Imran Khan has made the history by opening historical Kartarpur Corridor and fulfilled the long cherished dream of four generations of Sikh community, who were anxiously waiting to visit their holy place”.

Navjot Sidhu said Imran Khan has conquered the hearts of Sikh community with his love. “It is for the first time in the history after division of Sub-continent that someone has actually tried to remove barriers between Pakistan and India”, he said.

“Opening of Kartarpur Corridor is a goodwill gesture for the Sikh community whose four generations were deprived of visiting their father Baba Guru Nanak shrine which is their home. No such relief was given to the Sikh community ever in the history”, he said.

Navjot Singh said he is representing the sentiments of 140 million Sikh whose voices were not heard during the last 72 years.

He said that he saw many politicians but never saw a brave man like Imran Khan, who has given such a great happiness to him by opening this corridor that he never imagined. “Every leader focuses on profit and loss but Imran Khan is the first lion who heard the voice of heart”.

Navjot Singh said he saw many political leaders whose hearts are like of sparrows however the heart of Imran Khan is like an ocean.

He has shown the world how a true friendship is carried on. Sikh community will act as ambassadors of Imran Khan across the world and will promote soft image of Pakistan at international level, he expressed.