Hasan Nawaz own 17 properties and 18 companies

Hasan Nawaz own 17 properties and 18 companies

ISLAMABAD -The investigation officer in the Flagship reference has made stunning revelations over properties of Hasan Nawaz.

He revealed that Hassan Nawaz was the owner of 17 flats and properties in the name of his 18 companies.

Testifying before the accountability court on Wednesday, Investigation Officer Mohammad Kamran also submitted some relevant documents with defence counsel Zubair Khalid raising objections to the submission of the documents saying, they were not admissible under the law of evidence.

The witness testified before the court that he visited the United Kingdom to pursue the requests forwarded by the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) and the Joint Inves­tigation Team (JIT) for mutual legal assistance and an application was submitted to the Companies House to obtain addresses of the companies owned by Mr Hassan.

The official highlighted that Pakistan High Com­mission in the UK provided them with some important documents related to the business of Mr Hassan.

‘In 2001, the total value of the former prime minister’s assets was Rs12.76 million and that of Hussain Nawaz’s assets was Rs33.8 million, while the total value of assets of Mr Hassan was Rs4.36 million,’ he revealed before the judge Arshad Malik.