US China vow to work together in Afghanistan


US President Donald Trump said on Thursday he and his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping were committed to working toward a peaceful future for Afghanistan , AP reported.

He made the remarks at a news conference following talks between the two leaders.

"President Xi and I are also committed to working toward a peaceful future for Afghanistan . Terrorists are a threat to all of humanity. And we will stop radical Islamic terrorism. The United States and China also face many challenges within our borders,” he said.  

Trump also said the leaders will focus strongly on drug trafficking.

"In addition to improving the safety and security of our citizens President Xi and I discussed improving our economic relationship. We want a vibrant trade relationship with China. We also want a fair and reciprocal one. Today I discussed with President Xi the chronic imbalance in our relationship as it pertains to trade and the concrete steps that we'll jointly take to solve the problem of the massive trade distortion," he said. 

Chinese officials have disputed Trump's claim that the opioid fentanyl, which is flooding the US, is produced mostly in China, reported AP.

China doesn't deny that some fentanyl produced illicitly inside the country ends up in the United States.

Trump said fentanyl is "destroying lives by the millions."

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