CPEC to enhance naval importance of Pakistan: Senator

CPEC to enhance naval importance of Pakistan: Senator

LAHORE: Senator Sehar Kamran has saidthat China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) would enhance thenaval importance of the country as more than 80 per centenergy and trade related activities were being carried outthrough the project.

Talking with us, she said the strategic location of Pakistan in South Asia makes it the most important country in the region.

The CPEC project would not only benefit Pakistan but the whole region including Central Asia.

To a question, she said that international role of Pakistanwould be enhanced in the coming days and due to CPEC , Pakistan would be in a win-win position in the region.

"The seaports, neighbouring sea and mountains havetremendous economic and military potential", she added.

She said that there was a need to develop the best humanresource through all institutions, so that Pakistan could reapthe benefits and enhance its act as leader of Islamic Ummah.

Sehar Kamran said that Gwadar was a naval gateway ofPakistan and it heralded a prosperous Pakistan.

The senator said that CPEC had given new importance toPakistan as our seaside carries tremendous economic benefitswhich can benefit Pakistan in a number of ways.

To another question, she said that there was a need todevelop job opportunities by developing merchant navy so thateducated youth could get employment opportunities in thissector.

She said that all provinces and other territoriesincluding Gilgit-Baltistan and Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK)should introduce the study of oceanography in skilldevelopment institutions, as a subject, so that ocean relatedeconomic benefits in the wake of CPEC could be fullyexploited.

Sehar said that CPEC would become backboneof Pakistan economy as 90 per cent energy and trade relatedactivities were being carried out through sea routes.            "The completion of CPEC and its related developmentprojects would provide tremendous job opportunities for thelocals of Gwadar."

Sehar Kamran said that economy was the priority agenda ofnations and CPEC would develop new economic potentials for the country, adding it would change the fate of the entireregion.


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