(VIDEO): Imam ul Huq follows Uncle Inzamam ul Huq to keep runout legacy in family


ISLAMABAD - Inzamam-ul-Haq was one of the best batsman of all time. However, what many fans will always remember him by will be his tendency to either be run-out or get his partner dismissed.

Inzamam will always be remembered for being a poor runner between the wickets. During his career he was involved in many comical run-outs.

Inzamam got run-out 40 times in ODI cricket.

Now in 2018, Inzamam's nephew Imam-ul-Haq seems to have inherited some of that infamous 'talent'. Imam was involved in a comical run-out dismissal with Azhar Ali in Pakistan’s tour match against Northamptonshire.

Imam tapped the ball to fine leg and took off running, but was watching the ball instead of his partner Azhar Ali, who, despite his best attempts to avoid a collision ended up barging into the batsman. The result was Ali being run-out and Imam left standing with his hands on the hip.

Pakistan eventually beat Northamptonshire by 9 wickets with Imam-ul-Haq unbeaten on 59.

The dismissal gave everyone a sense of 'Deja Vu'. They were reminded of the legendary run-outs Inzamam was involved in during his time.