India’s new anti-Kashmir tactics exposed

India’s new anti-Kashmir tactics exposed

ISLAMABAD: The joint resistance leadership comprising Syed Ali Gilani, Mirwaiz Umar Farooq and Mohammad Yasin Malik has said that unnerved by unprecedented mass uprising, Indian policymakers are employing different tactics including killing under mysterious circumstances, looting and plundering to malign the Kashmiris' indigenous freedom movement.

The leaders in a joint statement issued in Srinagar said that Indian agencies were planning their roguish activities in the name of some organizations active around the globe to influence the opinion of international community about the Kashmiris' genuine freedom struggle, Kashmir Media Service reported.

"India and its local authorities are frustrated ad have launched well-planned psychological war against freedom movement.

Last year's mass uprising unnerved them and as such they are very desperate to sabotage the movement through their agencies," the statement added.

"After miserably failing to curb and contain the people's movement despite the use of all military might, India is frustrated to the extent that it has framed new tactics to change the discourse of the ongoing freedom struggle," the resistance leadership added.

The resistance leaders said, "Our movement has nothing to do with these groups and practically they are nonexistent in Kashmir.

These groups have nothing to do with our movement." They said that Indian agencies were now applying different tactics.

"They (Indian agencies) have decided to go for mysterious killings, burglary, loot, plunder and vandalism to defame the ongoing freedom movement and to influence international opinion," they added.

The resistance leaders ridiculed the statement of Dr Rajendra Singh wherein he recommended free hand for Indian forces and said that his assertion vindicated the stance of Hurriyet leaders that Kashmir had been virtually handed over to Indian army and paramilitary forces.

They said that Indian forces were neither accountable for their wrongdoings nor could be brought to book due to the impunity they enjoyed under draconian laws. They also condemned the excessive use of brute force against students by Indian forces in the occupied territory. (APP)