Indian regime in IoK systematically targeting Kashmiris: Masood Khan

Indian regime in IoK systematically targeting Kashmiris: Masood Khan

MIRPUR: President of Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) Sardar Masood Khan on the eve of the International women day said the women of occupied Jammu and Kashmir had borne the brunt of Indian atrocities against the Muslim Kashmiri Population in the past 70 years, especially since 1989.

Talking to reporters on Thursday, the President highlighted the plight of the women in IOK and said that women

formed a sizable chunk of 100,000 civilians killed by Indian Occupation forces since January 1989.

In the recent spate of oppression, Indian forces had blinded hundreds of Kashmiris which include girls. The gruesome blinding of 16-year-old Insha Mushtaq and 14-year-old Ifra Shakoor has been highlighted internationally.

Masood Khan said that India is guilty of using sexual violence – rape, molestation and murder of women – as an instrument of its aggression as a result of, which since 1989, 11,000 women have fallen victim to sexual violence in one form or the other. 

In a recent shocking incident, Indian security forces abducted, raped and murdered an eight-year-old girl Assifa Bano at Kathua and a 17-year-old girl Saima Wani was killed in cold blood. “In their murderous drive against the Kashmiris, the Indians are not sparing even young mothers with infants”, he added.

“Sexual violence, rape and molestation are perpetually perpetrated by the Indian occupation forces. Instead of deafening silence, the alarming situation requires action by the United Nations Security Council and the international justice mechanisms, as it is being done in cases of sexual violence in other conflict situations”, he said.

The President said that the Kashmiri widows and mothers are waiting for 8,000 men who were victims of enforced disappearances. This had subjected the Kashmiri population to collective psychological trauma, he said.

President Masood Khan also condemned the killing of 6 innocent Kashmiris in Shopian, in a clear violation of the Geneva Conventions.

The victims of these gruesome murders, he said, were not combatants and were not participating in any hostilities.

The Joint Resistance Leadership, he said, have alleged that in pursuance of the draconian Armed Forces Special Powers

Act the Indian forces were killing Kashmiris at will and at random. Indian forces, the Joint Resistance Leadership say, perceive the entire Kashmiri population as the enemy and that is why the entire regime – security apparatus, civil administration and judiciary – are systematically targeting them.

The President urged the Foreign Office to raise these killings with the International Committee of Red Cross and with the International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent (IFRC).

President also briefed the media persons of his recent visit to Europe -UK, Sweden and Italy. The President said, in the

present phase following the martyrdom of Burhan Wani, the awareness about the Jammu and Kashmir dispute has become higher and, in some circles, acute.

“The resolution of the Jammu and Kashmir dispute, despite the sacrifices of the people in Occupied Kashmir and the

ongoing diplomatic campaign by Pakistan and Azad Kashmir, remains an uphill task because of India’s brutalities in IOK, its obfuscation and opposition to diplomacy, and its repeated distortion of facts on the ground”, the President said.

But, he said, this was slowly changing for instance extrajudicial killings of 6 civilians in Shopian, in clear violations of the Geneva Conventions, have been widely reported by the international media President Masood Khan said the situation in Indian Occupied Kashmir continues to be serious as civilians have been gunned down in the past few weeks in pursuance of India’s infamous Armed Forces Special Powers Act and Public Safety Acts, which have been termed as “lawless laws” by Amnesty International.

The President said the UN Security Council, Human rights Council, ICRC and IFRC should take cognizance of the

serious human rights situation in IOK. He also appealed to the Indian civil society to break their silence and rise to protest the gruesome killings of Kashmiri civilians in IOK. APP/AFP